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Brooklyn-based duo hunter & wolfe often wrap their vulnerable lyrical content in sarcasm and loud indie-rock stylings. They’ve been compared to Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley, and “Coldplay meets arena rock”. They’re not sure what that means, either. Vocalist Michael Maffei and guitarist Sundeep Kapur ensure that their messages about complacency, lost love, and the paradox of choice in the modern era reflect both a seriousness and the self-awareness to not take themselves too seriously.

Starting in 2011, hunter & wolfe released a self-titled EP and a full-length album, Days and Works, the latter containing the single All My Might garnering over 600,000 plays on Spotify. hunter & wolfe released their latest record, Late Then Never, in November 2017. To date, Late Then Never has been featured in Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Impose Magazine, and The Deli Magazine among others.


Spotify Fresh Finds: "No One Really Wants Me", November 2017

"It’s a self-awareness that isn’t afraid to show vulnerability or even be a tad nerdy. There is a realness and a human element to the music. Maffei’s effortless, velvet vocals perfectly juxtapose Kapur’s guitar in a way that feels akin to Key and Peele’s ‘Obama anger translator’ bit. The electric shredding becomes the unfiltered expression of the lyrics and gives the songs both depth and weight." Impose Magazine

"hunter & wolfe has made their mark in the indie rock sphere with their uncanny ability to be at once tender and unquestionably vulnerable while maintaining a blithe sense of self-awareness that prevents their songs from crashing into overly emotional territory. " The Deli Magazine

"Michael Maffei’s smooth-like-butter vocals pair seamlessly with Sundeep Kapur’s wailing electric guitar that almost feels like another vocal at times. “No One Really Wants Me” is a mid-tempo indie rock tune about the complacency developed after repeatedly not being wanted. The sentiment is quite sad but the band addresses it in a way that makes us want to dance in slow motion in front of the mirror and laugh at ourselves." The Wild Honey Pie

“The Brooklyn-based duo of Michael Maffei and Sundeep Kapur, hunter & wolfe have divided their time between breathtakingly sweet acoustic work and lavishly emotional indie rock sounds for the better part of 6 years. Their forthcoming work is no different....” Atwood Magazine


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